Citadel Safe Room / Anti-piracy

Citadel Safe Room / Anti-piracy

The Citadel Safe Room / Anti-piracy solution aims to allow crews on a vessel under attack by pirates to retreat to a safe area while still maintaining communications links with the shore.

The Citadel safe room solution incorporates Iridium satellite voice services and GPS reporting, and is kept separate from the usual vessel communications system.

The citadel solution is installed in the safe room, providing emergency and periodic GPS reports as well as voice calling services. A battery backup system can power the system for 24 hours in a powered standby mode, or for a few days in a periodic mode.

The system includes an outdoor transceiver, cable, lockable cabinet, corded phone and optional battery backup. Additional phones such as a captain's phone or crew calling phone can be installed on the ship from the same system.

Key features

  • Iridium voice communication
  • GPS emergency and periodic reporting
  • Single cable
  • Easy installation anywhere on the vessel
  • No antenna distance problem
  • Complete global coverage
  • Small profile
  • Corded phone in lockable cabinet
  • Multiple phones from one system
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Maritime Certified IEC 60945

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